Tag: City


  • Ashen Dale

    Elvish name: Lithui Dale

    Origin city of Vesryn Fenfaren

    Population: ~11,000

    Humans: 45%, Elves: 30%, Half-Elves: 20%, Others: 5%

    City was originally founded by Elven refugees from [[Esdeir]] after their home of& …

  • Whitestone

    City in the [[The Portlands]]

    Population: ~7,000

    The city is circular, surrounded by a 50 foot high wall of white stone. The city is centered on a large cathedral dedicated to Tyr on it's main square. The city engages itself …

  • Rynnal Port

    City in [[The Portlands]]

    Population: ~17,000

    Largest city and main trading port on the western shore of Midderus. It benefits from easy access to the rest of the continent, with high roads going north, east and south. 

  • Thrush

    City in [[The Portlands]]

    Population: ~1,500

    To call Thrush a city is very generous, it is at most a large town. However, out of necessity, it does serve as the center of local administration and market hub in the northern Portlands …

  • Belmont

    A city in [[The Portlands]]

    Population: ~9,000 

    Ancestral home of the Belmont noble family, the ruling monarchs of the [[Kingdom of Midderus]]. Lordship is given to whomever is next in line for the throne from the Belmont …