Mirelander Rebellion

In 939, after years of ineffective rule and reports of the deteriorating health of the King, the Mirelanders declared themselves in open rebellion. The ensuing war would last 3 years.

The rebels prepared themselves for a defensive war, restoring and manning the great castle of Riverreach on the Flayed Fork to prevent any army from marching into their land. Ready for a siege, they waited.

By the end of spring, the King had assembled his Royal Army and several mercenary companies, including Dwarves from Vodrofell. Splitting his forces in two, the bulk of the army marched to besiege the castle and cutoff any reinforcements to the southern Mirelands. The second party moved to secure Watersedge and Dewford around the south before joining the siege.

With the Royal Fleet blocking Port Murkstone and Riverreach under siege, the Mirelander forces had effectively been cut off from the rest of the world. They managed to hold on their own supplies for the next two and a half years before the garrison was forced to surrender, attrition and low supplies having worn them out.

The rebel leaders were either hanged or forced to flee into exile. A contingent of the Royal Army was stationed in the region until it was fully brought back into line with the Kingdom.




Mirelander Rebellion

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