The World (Wormbro)

The Adventure Begins

The party, consisting of Volaeris, Vondal, Rhogar, Wellby Tosscoddle and Vesryn Fenfaren had gathered at a tavern and were enjoying themselves. An old man named who introduced himself as Aldion came to the party and offered them a quest, to bring a number of sealed letters to the city of Whitestone.

Soon enough the party set out toward Whitestone. During the night while keeping watch, Vondal encountered a hungry wolf. After attempting to tame it using meat, he was bitten and the wolf made his own way. 

The party had an encounter with a group of goblin and a bugbear that they managed to overcome. They gained gold from the encounter, as well a small magic bag and a magic dagger, alongside a book written in Dwarven.

Session ended with party arriving at the gates of Whitestone.


TheDreadfulSagittary TheDreadfulSagittary

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