The World (Wormbro)

Cultists In The White Boar

Moving on from the gates of Whitestone, the party quickly found a place of respite in the White Boar inn, having to stay in the city until Aldion's arrival. After acquiring drinks and lodging, the group met a knight. The Ser informed them that he was investigating something within the city, and would perhaps call upon the parties aid next morning. 

The party went on to spend most of their day exploring the city and its marketplace. Vesryn and Volaeris made their way into a sermon of the Cathedral of Tyr. There the bishop spoke the Red Sky, which had recently clouded the city. He described how he haunted visages of lost loved ones appeared in the city and drove a terror through the city.

In the night, Vesryn noticed a disturbance in the room next to him. Stepping out, he spotted the unarmoured knight being carried forcefully down the stair. Rushing after them into the back of the inn, the knight had been taken to the basement behind a barred wooden door. With the party assembled, somewhat ready for a fight, they used magic to lift the bar beyond the door and entered the cellar.

Downstairs was a group of men, all clad in robes, readying themselves for a dark ritual. At their feet lay the knight in a red pool of his own making. In the ensuing fight, our party dispatched all the cultists one by one, suffering only middling wounds. After quick looting, they found that the knight had succumbed to his wounds. They did also discover that the innkeeper was among the cultist bodies. Among the found items was also a simple drawing, an octagon converging at the center of the city.

After stowing the bodies of the cultists down in the cellar, the party waited for morning. When the inn woke come dawn, they managed to sow enough suspicion and rumour to leave unhindered after the guards had been called for the missing innkeeper. They also acquired from the knight's, his armour, shield, and magical sword. They moved on to find lodging in the Golden Flagon, and hid their newfound items out in the forest, roughly an hour from town.



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